Dec 08 2014

“Will the tech industry disrupt the automative landscape?” Dec.10, 2014 in Sunnyvale, CA, conference organized by Renault-Nissan and Lazard


Present a Panel Conference on the Theme:

Will the tech industry disrupt the automotive landscape?

When: Wednesday, December 10, 6 to 8pm

Where: At Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley, 1215 Bordeaux Drive, Sunnyvale (public parking available)

Registration on Eventbrite

In recent years, a flurry of tech trendsetters has decided to take on the traditional automotive industry. Internet giant Google is building a driverless car, electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla is betting on in-car connectivity and is building an EV charging infrastructure, and car sharing firms are enabling many carless urbanites to enjoy car mobility.

Tesla is currently valued at $30bn, which is approximately 60 percent of General Motors’ market capitalization with only 2 percent of its revenue, calling into question the traditional business model of making money via selling unconnected and gasoline-burning cars.

We will invite industry leaders to discuss the reshaping of the automotive industry, sort through the plethora of new business models unlocked by the smart and connected car, and debate on where they expect the highest returns.

We’ve assembled a panel of very qualified and seasoned speakers:

  • Sven Beiker, Executive Director of CARS, the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford
  • Chris Wilson, co-founder and CEO, Vehicle Data Science
  • Clement Gires, co-founder, Local Motion
  • James Liu, Manager, Advanced UX Design, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

The panel will be moderated by Gregory Dibb, Senior Manager, Strategy and Operation, Nissan Motors Company Food and Networking starts at 6pm, Roundtable starts at 6:30pm.

More infohere

Dec 05 2014

Smart factories in the age of augmented human



At CaFFEET’14, Gregory Ameyugo, Program Manager on Ambient Intelligence and Interactive Systems at CEA LIST, made a presentation on “Smart Factories in the Age of Augmented Human”.

Read his presentation: here.





Listen to his interview with the French Consulate’ Press Office:

Nov 13 2014

Rapport d’Ambassade : Impression 3D : Les prémisses d’une nouvelle (r)évolution industrielle ?

3D printingDepuis quelques années, l’impression tridimensionnelle – plus couramment appelée impression 3D – suscite un intérêt croissant chez les industriels, les passionnés de technologie et les académiques. Les procédés de production par fabrication additive que le terme englobe sont régulièrement présentés comme une rupture du schéma traditionnel des industries manufacturières, notamment en matière de propriété intellectuelle et de relation entre producteurs, vendeurs et consommateurs sur l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur produit.

De nombreux acteurs se positionnent aujourd’hui sur le marché de l’impression tridimensionnelle. Au-delà des fournisseurs d’équipements leaders comme 3D Systems Corp. Stratasys ou le suédois Arcam, d’autres géants s’attaquent au filon en ciblant des segments différents : Amazon a lancé son site d’e-commerce permettant d’échanger des fichiers CAO, eBay a inauguré en 2013 une application permettant de se procurer des objets 3D. MakerBot, l’un des leaders de l’impression 3D à destination des particuliers, a fusionné en août 2013 avec Stratasys. Fusions-acquisitions, entrées en bourse, nouvelles startups : le paysage de                                                                                                                 l’impression 3D bouillonne.

Dans un autre registre, les laboratoires et les workshops du type FabLabs et Techshops se développent de manière accélérée aux Etats-Unis mais également en Europe. L’idée ? Celle de permettre à tout un chacun de créer, tester des designs, produire des objets dans des espaces de travail et de bricolage communautaires sans avoir à investir dans des équipements coûteux.

Pour accéder à ce rapport, suivez le lien.

Nov 06 2014

Call for the French American Doctoral Exchange Program (FADEx) 2015 – Deadline: November, 9th 2014!

FADexFrench American Doctoral Exchange Program (FADEx) 2015 : Advanced architectures for solar cells: materials optimization, performances improvement and aging analysis

The FADEx 2015 scientific topic is “advanced architectures for solar cells: materials optimization, performance improvement and aging analysis.” The Franco-American seminar will take place at Le Bourget-du-Lac in partnership with the National Institute for Solar Energy (Institut National de l’Énergie Solaire or INES) from Monday, March 23rd and Tuesday March, 24th. Following the 2-day seminar, the US Laureates will visit several laboratories or research institutions including INESMINATEC, Photovoltaic Institute of Paris Region (Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France or IPVF).

The 2015 topic “photovoltaic” was not selected at random. This topic fits into a larger theme that is the development of renewable energies that will have a low impact to the environment and so doing will hopefully reduce the effects of climate changes. Hence, this choice falls within the strong commitment of the French government and the French Embassy to find ways to increase awareness and fight against climate change via for example the organization of the COP21 in December 2015 in Paris or the program FACTS from the Office for Science and Technology.

How to apply to FADEx?

Twelve Ph.D. candidates will be able to participate to this seminar and to the visits. The candidates have to:

  1. fill in the online application (cf bottom of this webpage).
  2. Send an attestation by the student’s supervisor authorizing the student to participate in FADEx
  3. Send a cover letter

You can download the supervisor authorization form at the bottom of this page. Both of the authorization form and the cover letter have to be send by email at

The competition will be open on Monday, October 13th and will end Sunday, November 9th, 2014. The laureates will be selected by a proper jury based on the excellence of their records and the originality of their research. At identical scientific level, the motivation of the applicant will be the decisive factor. Competition results will be available by December 15, 2014.
The laureates will be then asked to provide different pieces of information such as but not limited to

  1. The form of acceptation of the grant (for those who qualifies);
  2. A copy of the passport and visa if existing;
  3. A picture;
  4. The summary of their presentation;
  5. The form for travel organization.

Any student working in an American university is eligible. You just need to be able to enter and exit the country.

Funding opportunities for US students.

The Office for Science and Technology will offer eight (8) grants to US Ph.D. candidates to attend this seminar. Each grant of a maximum $3,000 will be used to cover the expenses for the round-trip ticket to Paris, trips within France, accommodation, and a part of the meals.


Application Deadline: November, 9th 2014


Oct 30 2014

Chateaubriand Fellowships 2015/2016:deadline January 20, 2015

chateaubriand_2015The Chateaubriand Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Health for doctoral students aims to initiate or reinforce collaborations, partnerships or joint projects between French and American research teams. The Chateaubriand Fellowship supports PhD students registered in an American university who wish to conduct part of their doctoral research in a French laboratory.

This fellowship is offered by the Office for Science & Technology (OST) of the Embassy of France in Washington in partnership with American universities and French research organizations such as Inserm and Inria. It is a partner of the National Science Foundation’s GROW program.

The OST and its partners provide Chateaubriand fellows with a monthly stipend of up to 1,400 € (depending on other sources of funding) for a 4-9 month period and support for travel expenses and student health insurance. All STEM and Health disciplines are eligible. The required level of French remains at the discretion of the host laboratory.

- Dates: The call for applications is now open for fellowships starting during the 2015-2016 academic year.
- DeadlineJanuary 20, 2015 at 12pm EST
- Application

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